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Walk and Talk Therapy

I am now offering Walk & Talk Therapy in Worthing.

There are huge benefits to being outside in nature. Nature can be restorative.  Being immersed in a natural environment can help to regulate our nervous system, decrease stress and increase our sense of well-being. The low impact movement of walking also has many well known benefits, including increasing fitness, reducing stress and improving mood.

Walk and Talk therapy combines the benefits of psychotherapeutic counselling, nature and walking. Walk and talk sessions provide valuable time in nature each week to bring about improvements in wellbeing. It can also be very helpful for people who may find it difficult to sit inside, face to face with a counsellor; the act of walking next to the counsellor, not refined to an inside space can feel better for some.

There are things to consider when starting Walk & Talk Therapy. Before we begin, we will discuss together how to keep the sessions both physically and emotionally safe. For example, we would think about what to do if the weather’s bad, what we will do if we bump into someone you or I know, how it might be to be upset while being outside, or even what we would do if one of us twisted our ankle or got stung by a bee! Collaboratively, we can decide the best answers to these questions, mitigate any risks and be confident to go out and experience the benefits of being in nature.



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