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What to expect from psychotherapeutic counselling

Blending counselling and psychotherapy, psychotherapeutic counselling at Clay Counselling in Worthing, West Sussex gives you the the space to talk about whatever is important to you at the time, at a pace that feels right for you. 

All of our experiences shape who we are today. We have patterns and ways of behaving, thinking and feeling – some of these we’re aware of and some of them we aren’t. During counselling, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your current situation, relationships, thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours and begin to make sense of them. By thinking about how you’ve been shaped by your previous experiences, relationships and difficult life events, a greater understanding of yourself emerges; with this awareness it becomes easier to accept the person you are, change what you would like to change and grow as a person.

By you and I building a trusting, safe relationship together, you’ll have a place to feel heard, valued and find meaning without judgement. This can lead to different and healthier ways of responding to situations and relationships, a feeling of being more whole, acceptance of yourself, greater self-esteem, and more confidence and happiness in life.


In person counselling in Offington, Worthing


Counselling from the comfort of your home via Zoom or other video conferencing software

Couples Therapy

In person couples and relationship therapy in Offington, Worthing

Walk & Talk

Combine the benefits of counselling, exercise and nature with Walk & Talk Therapy

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